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(Markus Reinhart) #111

There you go again, they are not invalid concerns. Just because “it worked” and “I didn’t die” doesn’t mean it’s a fit one should put in a guide. I don’t care about what you choose to fit, I DO care about what you tell newbies to fit. The second you put up some form of guide you have the responsibility to get it as correct as possible.

You seem to be more interested in keeping your safe space in tact than you care about giving newbies solid advice. If you did care about giving good advice you’d figure out what we’re talking about and how it possibly could be changed, to then edit the guide so you can give newbies better advice.

Instead you wave it away in a SJW bubble of destiny by simply denying it, because it hurts your feelings.

(Uriel the Flame) #112

I see you are pretty desperate to discredit the fit and ignore what I wrote. It works flawlessly for the listed sites. EVE is a sandbox and everyone plays as they want, including what fit they use and what guide they write and if others use that or not. Furthermore you are entitled to nothing (speaking of SJW behaviour as you put it), also ignoring your concern is invalid doesn’t change that fact. You can project anything on me and pretend it is a fact but that just tells what kind of motives you yourself have. As I have more than enough first hand proof about the fit I can judge whether your concern is valid, it is not so I dismiss your post rightfully so.

(Markus Reinhart) #113

Ok so it’s official, you care more about your ego than you care about giving newbies good advice. Duly noted.

(Uriel the Flame) #114

Whatever fake reality bubble floats your internet spaceships. :wink:

(Uriel the Flame) #115

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

(Uriel the Flame) #116

A wide selection of blueprints have been transferred over from the inter-corporate blueprint giveaway to the public blueprint giveaway so new BPCs are available to choose from.

(Uriel the Flame) #118

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

(Plec Beddelver) #119

I’m waiting for the new month to begin so I can get more. I love these BPCs. Thanks for doing this.

(Uriel the Flame) #120

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

(Uriel the Flame) #122

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

(Goose726) #123

I posted pretty much the same thing on the magic school bus thread that mike did. While my accounts are active once again I am not actually playing yet. When I do come back, hopefully by the end of the month, I’d like to contribute some items, ships and BPC’s to this giveaway. I’d like to help out the newer players through others efforts. We need the the new players as much as the old if this game is to continue. If I remember right I did have a lot of Drake BPC’s saved up or are those above the level you are going for?

(Uriel the Flame) #124

Thanks for the offer!

No BPC is above the giveaway just some BPCs alphas / new players can not manufacture so those will mostly be requested by older players (or new alts of veterans :sweat_smile: ), but the giveaway although is primarily for new players is also supposed to be for older ones as well so if you as the one making the offering have no issue with that then I see no problem. However specifically the drake is a T1 battlecruiser so should be no issue manufacturing it (but will check it in-game when I sign in).

Though it seems to require extensive skill training to fit properly (based on the eve-uni article about it) so surely is not seeming like something that new players will fly but they may aim to fly it eventually once trained into and those players could use the BPCs and by that time they will count as intermediate or even veteran according the the giveaway rules so I say seems like a good addition if you decide to donate them.

So anything you feel like donating is welcome. If something does not fit I just let you know or if already contracted will contract back so should be no issue and I think sooner or later will have an opportunity to give them away either in the BPC giveaway or some new temporary one if it is not BPCs that you plan to submit.

(For example I still have some SKINs donated to the giveaway but haven’t yet had the opportunity to give them away and obviously will not use them for other purposes than the supporter intended so are now waiting for a later giveaway to be handed out.)

Feel free to mail me in-game or post here if nothing confidential is involved whichever works for you, I have no issue with transparency, I have nothing to hide so either works for me.

(Goose726) #125

Unless someone knows of a third party app that can be used to see character assets in game without actually logging in to the game, my ability to donate is reduced to my memory of what I had when I last played years ago. I do remember that I had a pretty good industry in low sec with cargo containers and station containers production and sales. both secure and non secure.

(Uriel the Flame) #126

Not urgent, these giveaways are ongoing since more than a year so absolutely not in a rush, once you regain access to your account(s) just drop me a mail what you’d donate to the giveaway and we can discuss the rest after that.

(Uriel the Flame) #128

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

(Nana Skalski) #130

Someone made a nice infographics with turret ammo properties.

(Uriel the Flame) #131

Thanks for posting this, it indeed looks like a great resource that displays the info in a simple to understand yet detailed fashion.

Not sure why you specifically posted in this thread though as it might get more attention in an ammo related thread (or its own even, though haven’t checked your post history as you maybe posted it elsewhere too) so I recommend not just limiting it to this thread as it may get more exposure that way.

It might be useful to link it in a related eve-university article (or link it to one of the e-uni editors or officers who might include it for everyone’s benefit) where it would get the most exposure I think.

I will consider adding it to my quick guide, probably in the resources section as a link, if and when I update my guide in the future at some point. Still I think the e-uni wiki would be the most useful place to have it for best exposure.

(Plec Beddelver) #132

This is great! Thanks for posting.

(Uriel the Flame) #133

Guides still available, giveaways still ongoing.

(Plec Beddelver) #134

You know what I’m asking for at the beginning of the month. These station containers are AWESOME!!!