💣 Gunpowder Pact is now Enlisting!



Salutations Capsuleer! The Rieger Family invites you, dear reader, to join it's ranks and make your imprint in Eve. It is today we are pleased to announce that our very own Corporation has been released and you have the opportunity to aid it in it's growth. 

  • All Positions OPEN!
  • Small Corporation with PLENTY of room to GROW!
  • ACCEPTING ALL walks of life, ALL experience levels, and ALL playstyles.

Join us! The Rieger family has been in the bounty hunting business for centuries, our roots going as far back as New Eden and the Wormhole that led mankind there. 

  • If you crave for the thrill of the hunt, Join the PACT!
  • If you enjoy the pleseantries of mining, Join the PACT!
  • If you aspire to make profit, Join the PACT!

For further inquiries and applications please, apply IN-GAME, reply HERE, or email NIMSLY RIEGER

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