Gurista/Angel Standings Question

In regards to the recent patch and standings with the Pirate factions. Does anyone know which we need to be in good standing with to join them when Havoc begins? Is the Faction or the Corp? And does anyone know what the minimum standings are that will be needed?

I would assume like all other FW it would be 0.0 base to the faction.

Luckily the epic arcs for them give a huge buff

If its the Faction though … big hole to dig myself out of … -3.8/-3.5 with either Faction and tbh have never done any missions/arcs

Thats not a huge hole when the arcs give a +30% boost. But you need to be 3.00 effective with one of the agents. If youd like, hop on the discord for USIA and we can see what we can do to help you out

Thanks … will join … though does seem pretty hopeless as am not 3.0 with any factiuon … not even 1.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve gone from -9.86 to zero (base standings) faction from: epic arc, COSMOS, and a few storyline to top it off.

The hardest part is the storyline to be honest. Boring.

It’s not hard.

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