Gurista Military Complex

[This post does NOT relate to Gurista Military Operations Complex]

Hi guys.

I just need a bit of assistance with this complex. I have looked it up online and the post that used to have the information about it no longer exits.

The Mission is as follows:

  1. Scan complex down.
  2. Warp in to entry gate - no rats.
  3. Use gate to go into first room. Lots of BS and cruiser rats. Killing them is optional. There is a forcefield round the gate that needs to be destroyed, creating a high powered thermal blast when it goes down. You need a Gurista diamond tag to use the gate. The rats can be bypassed once the Forcefield is down and tag used.
  4. Warp gate used to enter second room. In the second and final room is a Station with 3 clusters of rats.

This is where I have the question. I believe that an EM shockwave is triggered at some stage, but when? Is it when I attack the rats or the station.

I believe that I can kill the rats, then attack the station, at which point the shockwave is triggered, then another cluster of rats spawns? Is that correct?

I need to know when the EM shockwave is triggered so I can have EM shield hardners fitted, then switch back.

Any help appreciated.


And to answer my own question (for the benefit of others):

Guristas Military Complex - EVE University Wiki (this was the page I couldn’t find)

2nd pocket

4 NPC groups

  • ~4 frigates
  • ~7 battlecruisers
  • ~9 batleships

Deep space stronghold. Attacking the deeps space stronghold triggers a EM smartbomb dealing roughly 4000 damage with a range of at least 30 km. Warping out doesn’t reset the smartbomb.

The deep space stronghold triggers reinforcement at 30% hull:

  • ~3 frigates
  • ~1 cruiser
  • ~4 battleships
  • 1 Dread Guristas Eliminator (battleship) (drops Dread Guristas tag, faction ammo and possible faction modules)

Destroying the deep space stronghold finish the site. Seems to drop nothing interesting.

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