Guristas Kestrels

Why do these things eat my drones before I can recall them?

Because they are extremely powerful diamond rats.

I think this is BS… belt rats should not be this strong.

Or at least they should be neutral like the normal empire type diamond rats

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You must be new here.

You gotta be wary of your drones vs high lvl rats.

Back in the day, rats didn’t aggro drones much at all and it let peeps AFK domi lvl 4s :smiley:

This wasn’t a high level mission or anomaly… I didn’t even enter the FOB. This was in the belt. The mechanic is BS. I’d also like to know what player controlled Kestrel can shake off being hit by 5 infiltrators, these things have more EHP than a crusier.


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I still say this in a belt is BS

You can see them in the agency window, if I recall correctly without restriction to distance so it is pretty easy to avoid them.

Its a diamond rat.

Its supposed to be hard bruv.

The normal diamond rats don’t attack you on sight when you try to mine.

Are you referring to the npc mining fleets? Because those are empire faction npcs that is why they don’t attack you. If you stumble upon a FOB mining fleet in a belt they immediately call upon their response fleet and warp out (their mining gleet warps to a safespot). Also if you attack the empire mining fleets enough to ruin your standings with them they act in a similar fashion as well as far as I know.

What’s a belt rat?

Looking for information on defeating these rats. I’m not familiar with the term ‘diamond rat’.

In any case, they are seriously strong. They attacked my Rattlesnake in a high-sec belt. I couldn’t hit them hard enough, with faction Wasps or Vespas, even with a target painter to even make a dent in their shields, neither could they do any lasting damage to my passive shield tank. They were deadly to expensive drones though. It turned into a standoff, and I finally just logged long enough to let them break off and go annoy someone else.
I noticed that one of the NPC ships was a T2 Worm, so it was my overconfidence that got me into that mess.
My question is what’s the best way to take on these rats, and win?

The quickest way would be to kill the FOB in that system. Whether still viable or not, im unsure. However we used a cruise golem with destroyer support. Keep in mind there are a few more mechanics than warp fleet in and shoot. Your best bet would be to search for the fob kills on zkill, find who’s killing them, then contact and ask to learn. I wish you luck in your endeavors.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade

Honestly I hate how CCP seems to hate drone users. In PVP where people expect to constantly reship, people except to lose their stuff. It would be nice if you got some notification when a rat started to lock onto an Augmented Vespa instead of only seeing the shield go down which mean lock is complete.

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