Hacked - possible situation finish

So, i was hacked. I logged yesterday to my acc and spotted on the login screen that all cash is drained. After logging into the game checked Sp and all is also extracted to 5 mln sp. There is some history in marketplace. I decided to quickly change my pwd. unfortunetly the email for this acc has been changed and i couldn’t log in on the WWW. However i still could log in to the game via launcher.

I decided to write to CCP about this. I put all my data including last digits of card and delivery address used in payments so i think there won’t be a problem with authorizing my person. I have also gave them my everyday location and last login. I managed to retrieve pwd to my noobchars and i spotted also IP address of hacker. It’s from other country. Right now my main acc is banned, Ofcourse i don’t know why since the info about bann probably was send to the hacker email.

Anyway my question is. What kind of outcome should i expect? Is it possible to retrieve my acc with sp and/or ISK? How long it can take? Problem is also with connect bank card which paid for subscription. And i can not disconnect it from my acc.

sory if in wrong section.
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Getting on it so quickly might give you some advantage, but the outcome is often mixed, based on stories posted by other people.

Given the ease of using alts, it can be hard for CCP to know if you are genuine, or trying to play them by selling everything and then trying to get it all reimbursed.

Good luck with it and I hope you get everything back.

+1 good scam

File a Support Ticket and take it up with CCP. Nobody on the forums will be able to help you.

Further more as you can login to the game, then you will also be able to login to forums with your main. Posting with a 3 hour old forum character does not really help your case. That’s not saying that your story is not true, but it raises questions. Good luck.