Hail to the King - A Pirates Life For Me

Hail to the King is a long time Pirate and PvP corporation. We are involved in all forms of warfare from Blops, Cap fights, Sov fights, low and nullsec Piracy and small gang roams. We aim to be efficient PvPers and have fun while we do it. We support our alliance The Insurrection with our PvP capabilities and foster a family atmosphere.

We are currently seeking pilots experienced in —
xx Piracy (camps, nano and small gang warfare)
xx Blops (Black ops, bombers, and hunters)
xx Capital drops and escalations (Carrier and Dread Pilots)
xx Pilots not afraid to fight outgunned and outnumbered. Show some balls and throw down!!

Our alliance has recently moved and is currently based in Lonetrek Lowsec giving easy access to content! A couple jumps to pureblind, cloud ring, and black rise. We are active in camping, roaming, and hunting the nearby areas.

Contact Tres Pein in game for more information!!



Still seeking PvP minded pilots!

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