Hail to the King - Null Piracy and Space Murder

K.ING has been around for quite some time now. We are a historied PvP corp known to punch above our weight class and well respected by friends and enemies alike. We have had our ups and downs but are alive and well and revamping membership for the future!

Seeking pilots for PvP!!
–Good old take your loot Pirate camps
–Black ops
–Small and micro gang roams
–Capital engagements
–Logistics pilots needed!

What can K.ING Offer you?

–Experienced corp mates in all aspects of PvP
–NPC Nullsec living with access to 5 regions within a few short jumps
–Access to Sov space ratting, mining, and exploration
–Stable and active leadership
–A real life first mentality
–Part of a growing PvP based alliance
–Small, medium, and larger scale engagements to fit your pvp needs

For more information contact Tres Pein in game
Until then 07