Hangars full of ships made out of 80% Recycled Sansha

For all those who think gun mining is a thing of the past, I usually have to limit myself to only about 80 ships or so. Almost all the materials for them have come from Ratting Sansha, and reprocessing the drops and the scrap metal salvage.


That’s so cool! How many years of gunmining did it take to build 80 Punishers?

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It’s more efficient to sell the loot and buy ore/minerals.

well, it’s a blend of Punishers, Tristans, some Merlins and Ventures… all told a little under a year

not always, some things are worth more melted down than sold at market price


I ran missions/ratting for yrs to recoup standings with my wife’s toon along in a noctis, all lvl 5 skills. It’s amazing what you collect if you don’t sell it off. What I didn’t have, I mine or just had to buy some stuff. That was enough to build ships and get to know that manufacturing was not for me. My advantage was subbing my acct’s so I didn’t have to sell the stuff off.

I’m not sure if this still works because of rule changes. WH ratting. I fit the noctis with a cloak and a ecm burst. 2 guys jump this toon, I start to aline out. My wife’s toon alines to me while uncloaking. She jumps to me at zero and starts to aline out with me. She fires off the burst. Everyone’s targeting goes blank and we both warp off!

On a good day, 2 low sec dens and a refuge will clear you most of what it takes to build a T1 Frig

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Have you checked that lately? Since about Nov. 2019 mineral prices have about tripled.

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