HANKY- Righteous Choirboys

Righteous Choirboys is a Null sec based PvP oriented corporation. Based in the Deklein region in Nullsec, we are a proud member of ChaosTheory and GOTG Coalition.

About us:
We are a growing corp of PvPers whose goal is to focus on quality over quantity, while having as much fun as possible. We try not to be to serious and just have a good time while trying to achieve the best we can. We strive to stay a tight knit group and avoid bloating as a huge corp where it’s members are just a number, all while still growing to be a corp of people we want to stay with.

What we offer:

Small gang to the largest fleet battles in EvE
Safe isk making space to buy ships to die in glorious battle
Corp Roams/Gate Camps and BLOPS
Capital Warfare
Alliance SRP
Daily PvP Fleets
A Chilled Environment
RL always comes first. This is a game
Helpful environment
Jump Freighter service for corp members

What we are looking for:

Over 18 years old (Can be flexible if mature)
5 Mil SP minimum (Can be flexible with good history/Enthusiasm)
Self sufficient with isk
Teamspeak + Working mic / Discord
Be able to participate @ alliance fleets when needed
Willingness to try to be the best player you can be while having fun
Ability to stand out and take unique roles in fleets
mining is a perk, never an obligation

Public Channel:
Hanky Pub


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Website for a good o’l read

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Website for a good o’l read

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Still looking for members to join our ranks.

There’s no reason for you to sit around in High Sec and slave away for hours to get what you want.
We offer:
Great ratting space
Access to high end ores AND high end moon goo.
Lowest possible tax rate
Free skills and PVE ships to new players that are willing to give the game a chance.
Free PVP ships for corp members, new and old.

Whether you’re a single pilot or a small group of friends looking to advance in the game, look us up for a chat.

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