Happy Damar Day!

(Apollo Eros) #1

I know I’m a couple of days late 01/28. Damar Rocarion please forgive me. I have never forgotten what you did for us on that sacred day.

(Ramon Sohei) #2

Or Joanna Ramirez. Or Bad Messenger.

(Oreb Wing) #3

What babble this be?

(Piugattuk) #4

Who what??? I’m 19 days late.

(uredo) #5

If memory serves its the PERV disco anniversary… I think

(Tibes Heathcliff) #6


Sadly few these days celebrate.

(Orgah) #7

I was there.

It’s interesting that what seemed (at the moment) just another gallente derp of the day turned into a piece of EVE history.

(system) #8

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