Hard Commit - Recruiting Corporations - USTZ/EUTZ

Hard Commit [HCOOM] is a new alliance based in Detorid looking to grow in the newly open southeast. We are looking for Corporations who are looking to join a growing, unaffiliated alliance with a focus on PVP content above all. We are looking for groups who have members with a solid amount of SP and the ability to work together.

If all of this is sounding an awful lot like your group, here is what we have to offer:

  • Frequent Alliance fleets
  • Black ops whaling
  • R64 Moons open to all members of the alliance
  • Upgraded space for ratting
  • Industry structures for manufacturing and reactions
  • The ability for corporations to take their own R32 and below moons

What we require:

  • 15 Million Average SP (Flexible)
  • Active Fleet attendance
  • Working knowledge of Discord
  • The ability to be self sufficient
  • A hunger for PvP, win or lose
  • A working Microphone for all corporate leadership

Contact CEO Deninard in-game if interested, or DM Vurbal#9527 on Discord.


Still looking for corps!

Still looking for corps!

Still looking for corps!

Still seeking motivated corps!

Come join us to get in on great fights like this one!

Still recruiting corps!

Another good fight! Bring your drakes out and get some content!
Battle Report Tool (evetools.org)

Still looking for solid corps!

Another amazing fight yesterday, looking for corps to join us and get in on the action in the south!

Hate Tidi? Me too! Come on down and join us in the south for gudfites that don’t take 6 hours!

Still recruiting corps!

Still looking to recruit some solid corps!

Still looking for new corps!

Still looking!

Still recruiting corps! :grinning:

still recruiting corps!

still looking for corps!

still recruiting corps!

still recruiting corps!