Hard Knocks WH Rentic Scam

i know there exists a thread about that, but i just wonna confirm that Kahzeen From Hard Knocks Citizens Scams people with C6 WH renting

im scamed today… this is no salt thread, just for information to potentual “Renters”
fly save and watch your isks better than i do :wink:


can confirm the very good done scam. be carefull. maybe let you show the wh first :wink:

What proof do you have of this so called scam?

He seems to be corroborating with what someone else has already stated.

The game saves automatically. Also, Were gonna need to see more proof other than the words of some rando.

You have paid them and they evicted you?

And yet…

Well, if he told you hes gonna rentic a WH for you, then its no scam. The Word Rentic doesnt exist, so he doesnt have to give you anything.

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If someone is scamming your rectum…damned near killed em.

Didnt you try to scam someone into buying your bricked mutaplasmid module at a markup?

As the responsible Person regarding the C6 Rentals/Sales i have the following statement…

OP rented a C6 successfully for 1 month then didn’t want to/couldn’t(?) pay for the second month. 5 days later the access to structures has been denied and he started to freak out.

Wonder why people start spreading such lies about us? just trying to destroy someone elses effort?

anyway o7 have a nice day everyone

These people are scammers do not deal with them or anyone affiliated with them. 1st is Viktor Pvolman
of Hard Knocks and Hard Knocks Citizens. the 2nd is ledan of hoover inc and Pandemic legion. Just happened today

I suggest you post proof, or at least an entertaining story. Otherwise we will have to assume you are lying.

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