Hard Knocks Inc WH Rental IS A SCAM

Yes, it is definitely a scam.
They will block you from being able to contact them at all after you pay them for the rental or purchase.

I contacted Soul Kayne in game as he is listed as one of the authorized rental managers.

I sent 3b for the Worm Hole, 2.5b for a Moros Hull that would be at the station for me and I bought all the items for the fit that he was supposed to take in the a hauler to the WH for me which was 3.5b for that. 9b total to Soul Kayne.

Soul Kayne Chat Log

Waited at destination for 2 hours Soul Kayne was a no show with my items and he blocked me when I tried to contact him after waiting.

The HK Worm Hole Rental Program link

I don’t know tbh. That seems really uncharacteristic. I have been renting a C6 Pulsar from Hard Knocks for a bit over half a year and they have kept all their promises reliably (I bought the premium package with ratting capitals and eviction protection.)

Just wow. I have probably never seen a more obvious scam attempt to smear the reputable name of HK Worm Hole Rental Program.

From the log it becomes pretty clear that in fact OP himself is a scammer, and I would even go as far as suggest that this is yet another attempt of an obvious Nitsche alt to twist what actually happened.

Admit it OP!

You gave money up front to a corp called “Hard Knocks Inc”? Lol, lmao.


If it isn’t a scam then Soul Kayne wouldn’t of blocked me after he was paid for a C6 Rental and given the Moros fit items in a contract to haul to my WH.

According to their Rental program sheet, they are supposed to be there for all needs and communication. Not just take the money and run after being paid.

Pretty clear scam to me.

If it isn’t a scam, then Soul Kayne or Hard Knocks won’t mind sending back the 9b ISK that’s been given to them for a C6 WH rental will they since I’m obviously not getting it.

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I’m sure there is more to this story that OP isn’t telling us. I’ve been renting two wormholes from Hard Knocks for almost a year with no issue. Tell the truth!


Your probably from hard knocks yourself.

I gave every detail of what happened.

What more is there to say.

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Re: Your Famous
From: Soul Kayne
Sent: 2021.05.15 10:49

I am already famous, this one took down his post because we kept on killing his structures in wh space :slight_smile: see you around

Your Famous
Sent: 2021.05.15 10:33
To: Soul Kayne,

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Obviously he isnt going to return the ISK at all with his response right there.

My corp has been renting from HK for over 2 years now. We have never had a single problem. We pay our rent at the start of every month. Some of our guys have even been able to go on occasional ops with HK.

Anyone considering renting from HK, feel free to contact me in game.

It just seems rather far fetched that HK would risk their reputation for such an small amount of ISK.

Continuing to slander the good name of HK Worm Hole Rental Program with this obviously faked emails is just more prove that you are in fact the scammer

So I don’t know who these people are and have no skin in the game, but I read that part from one of the replies in the thread, and I’m just in awe. I’m utterly dumbfounded by two things: that people actually advertise goods and services in EVE like they would in a timeshare infomercial, and even more so by the fact that such language is not only used by players in the game, but that there are actually players in this game about SPACESHIP FLEET WARFARE to whom this sort of mail-order-catalog marketing copy is genuinely appealing.

■■■■■■■ speechless.

“Premium package with eviction protection.”

That’s got to be a meme.


Nobody owns any wormhole system except Thera, the Sisters of Eve own that but it’s also unique.
Paying someone to buy something they don’t and cannot own is never a good idea, the best you can do is use it anyway, and if you can, kick the crap out of them if they give you problems. If you can’t kick the crap out of them hire someone who can and ask them to be as ruthless as you can afford.
If I remember correctly there’s a corporation called Hole Control that specializes in this sort of thing.

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whats obvious is that your either soul kayne or from hard knocks.

Pretty real emails there buddy.

I think it is Holesale who do evictions and the like. I am sure if the OP contacts them they will be able to help.

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Contacted them.

I still got billions to do damage with, it’s just upsetting that this lamer Soul Kane and his bunch can only fund their game in this way.


Well, Eve is a simulation of real life in a microcosm. I don’t know if you have ratted in highclass wormholes before, but the idea of having “premium” protection starts to become appealing really fast once you realise what dangers lurk. There are always people ready to punce on you, be it random people wanting their hole for themselves or just opportunistic predators who kill and move on. One guy is particularly scary. He multiboxes uncountable Eoses and booshes around whenever someone is threatening to come too close. Anyway, in situations like these it is nice to know you have the full weight of a J-Space titan behind you, mail-order language or not.

I think every one of these so called rental managers is an alt of the same damn person thats just sitting there scamming anyone who contacts them about this.

All they said is that they didnt believe me and left chat.

Well heres a screen of the ISK sent and I would take a screen of the 3.5b worth of items sent in a contract, but contract doesn’t show up to look at anymore.



Imagine getting scammed in 2021 KEKW