Hard time understanding triglavian

Guys I just got killed in perimeter by triglavians I was autopiloting but my corvette would not survive anyway.

So they gonna be anywhere anytime no warning?

Plz explain to a new bro.

Trig wormholes can appear within 3 or so jumps of where Final Liminality systems used to be. This means that trigs can appear in a bunch of systems, especially in Caldari space (they fared particularly poorly in Invasions chapter 3).

The easiest way to deal with them is to get positive standings towards both triglavians and edencom.


Gonna check the link, appreciate.

But a direct answer would be nice, so super powerful rats can appear anytime anywhere no warning?

I feel important to make this kind of stuff very EXPLICIT. CCP shadiness here is astounding.

I get so angry with this kind of stuff that I’m so not going to give them 1 cent. the more shadi the less they gonna see from me.

Sorry for the salt. this design looks like ■■■■■■■■. At least a warning would be more fair.


Triglavians do have a pattern as to where there are most likely to be seen, but yes you probably should consider that powerful NPCs can show up anywhere.

Dude, you lost a free rookie ship.

New Eden is dangerous, always has been and always will be. When you undock something, it can die either at the hands of NPCs or other players (see: 8 Golden Rules for EVE Online in this subforum).
It would make little sense to have a warning pop-up every single time you undock saying “Be careful! You might lose your ship!”

There is no shadiness going on here. Or at least not very much. :slight_smile:


You lost corvette. We lost a bowhead. Had been on the way to reship our PvP pilots … in turn no ships no fights CCP has to be sit and proud with their bowhead kill… which actually kill the PvP content and entertaintment of whole fleet may be some bigger fleet fights and destruction… bowhead pilot had no chance to run… they landed out of blue… we replace the bowhead we reshipped and try to get as much as fight given time

We are paying off for something but i dont know for what …


Removed a ton of off topic posts. Keep it on topic, only warning, thank you.


Back on topic please.

If the OP is going to be to lazy to read a pretty good link, then I think he might have a hard time with the game.

I read the forums to keep current on the latest info/tricks/and of course salt.

Read and learn. Google is your friend. There is so much info out there, none of us can type it all unless we copy/paste from the links. Just look…


This game is 17 years old there has been a lot to change a lot. A lot of people learn by reading or by joining a corporation like brave or Eve uni we cannot possibly give you all the information you need it’s out there you got to look for it and read it

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And frankly, no bitter old vet is going to just give up every trick he/she has learned. The fun is in the learning!

I’m not current on much, but those that are will bend over backwards to help you if you ask the right questions in the correct way. Even the worst of the forum Troll’s will help. (hard to prove that one but I have seen it)

And jeez, please try to have a sense of humor. A number of us “might” even give you isk if you make us laugh while trying at the game and don’t whine… :eyes:


Hey… i can give you quick recap about Trigs. I just noticed that you are a new bro.
So here is the Story :
High sec has lot of ice systems. CCP wants to reduce sources. Also CCP wanted to shuffle board and cards. Also CCP thought that
PvP player made content doesnt create enough damage on assets … They thought they have to bring Balance to the force ! And to do that They need a scenario. So they created these villains: tribastards … and made their best to make them appeal players … lot of graphics fancy op ships… ya know the drill…

  1. Stage : these tribastards begin to respawn high sec and low sec systems and first they begin their attacks they supported by some group of eve online players … they put EDENCOM against them. EDENCOM ships were totally useless against trig ships in system defence fleets .

Before trigs high sec was amarr minmatar gallente and caldari high sec…
Those trig Npc s begin to flip systems and drop their security lvl to low sec then even null sec. final liminality…which also ice systems…
In that stage some players from these 4 races cooperate with that alien race to invade out own lands where we have been living for over decade even…

Then next stage … CCP packed out all these final liminality systems to null sec and created new zone called POCHVEN

Mooved all these flipped systems there deep in null sec… dont bother… i can give you 2 high sec systems name 2 jumps away from jita far more rich in sources and content…

Tribastards stop attacking anf flipping systems… most players who betray their own flesh and blood capsuleers for their daily fun they dont even bother themselves to go to POCHVEN and live there… somehow… they shoot at their own blood but these capsuleers who help aliens to steal the systems from 4 mains. Gallente caldari minmatar and amarr… they havent lost any standing from them… so they can both travel in these systems freely…( howcome ?.. why?. Unknown)

Atm these triglavians can attack everyone and everbody even in high sec randomly and destroy… and doesnt matter you are new or old player… doesnt matter you read and lick it up everyhing . 15 yers ol vet pilots lost their ships alongit theit 7 bil pods instant !

That happens…
if you come and complain here… veteran pilots tells you dont cry go ever herre over there read google youutube we have more important stuff to do …

I do believe organic way of learning and learning the game in the game is best way to learn … not google not youtube…

If you fancy for chit chat find mee ingame… i can answer all your questions… except mining indy these are not my special … f you into PvP ? Then GAME ON!

Oh also… DONT AUTOPILOT never !

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Whom are you speaking to?

Read the OP. He is new bro . I have answer the OP

The organic way of learning in EvE is … you get blown up, and then ask & research how to avoid getting blown up under same situation next time. Then you get blown up again, rinse repeat until you figured EvE … will take a couple months until you have accumulated enough meta knowledge to be able to handle everything.

My first day in EVE, I’ve learned the lesson NOT TO AUTOPILOT!
You can handle even triglavian ships if you stay alert. If you don’t care, losses are a matter of time.

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