[HASIN] Hastings recruitment is open!

Hastings Industries is recruiting!

If you are interested in a corporation providing general help and knowledge about the game to everybody there is no need to look any further!
What we do in general:

  • PVE
  • Industry (own station)
  • Exploration
  • Mining (Moon mining/Refinery)
  • Trading

Now you might wonder how we could call us a corporation providing general knowledge without mentioning PVP so there it comes:

  • PVP

With us you also get the chance after joining Hastings Industries to later go on and explore the 0.0 with our sister null corporation!

We offer organized events and spontaneous opportunities for fleet action. Our culture of teamwork and cooperation plus our zero tax policy will help you quickly grow your wealth and experience as a new or experienced player.

Our refinery services are free as well and you will get access to our engineering complex for industry jobs.

We mainly speak English but some of us speak Spanish and at least two speak German as well.

If you login you will most certainly always have a few corp members online even though most of us are European.

If there are any questions left just join our recruitment discord or drop me an evemail.

Fly safe! o7

Hastings Industries

Space for something important that might come up.

Still open for recruiting!

Gained a few members but we would be wllling to get more!

Just a reminder on how much you are missing by not joining!

A happy new year (ok it’s a bit late)

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