Hauling mission payout question

I am higher ranked with Gallente than Caldari in both corp and faction yet the L3 mission payouts are much higher for Caldari–both performed in HS. What’s the reason for that?


And youre doing both L3 for both caldari and gallente? Or maybe just L2 for gallente and L3 for caldari?

Can you tell us what the mission agents name is?

For Gallente its Aide Lerrila and for caldari it is Suorasin Ukanata and its does show they are both L3

And you said this was for hauling missions, i.e. Distribution Agents? Cause i cant find that mission agent at all.

Yeah they are distribution agents

What system? I cannot seem to find any with that name in agent finder.

Aide is in Eglennaert and the other is in Pozirblant

Okay i found them. Yes, they are both L3.

How much higher was the payout? Different distribution missions have different payouts.

Well, the Caldari ones are always over 100k and same for the time bonus but the gallente are always short of 100k…was wondering why

Have you done any recently? Again, different missions give out different rewards, and your skills can also affect the bonuses too.

Yes, almost full time the last few days since i returned…going back and forth between gall and caldari to avoid too much rep loss

Do the skills in social etc effect all factions at the same time are faction focused?

Yes, as long as you have positive standings.

I noticed that the gallente agent is from the navy section and the caldari is business…that might be why

I dont think that has anything to do with it, but okay.

USIA mission runner here. We’ve noticed that the same mission, different agents, different systems for the same corp can have significant payouts…

Here’s a good question however, what is the security system? are they both in the same sec system?? Pay differences have been known to occur… the lower the sec system, the better the pay.

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Re sec level, this last mission for caldari went from a .7 to a .9 for the same 100k plus

The Gallente el-cheapo is in the same area of around .8

My rep for the gallente guy is higher than the well paying caldari agent.

So the agent was in a .7 but you travelled to a .9 for the mission?

If so, you get paid based on where the agent is, not where the mission took you.

So the Caldari Agent is in a .7 and Gallente is in .8 that can be the difference maker in the payouts, LP etc.

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Ah ok thanks :slight_smile:

Heading out to an agent in a .5 system ( and a trig system no less) 8 jumps away but only L2 and check this angle out

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Listen to Geo, he is smart.

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Dude you’re making me look bad.