Have an Idea for a new event

I started playing eve back in 2009/2010 and along the way like many others I have come across a lot of stuff that I have found no use for such as.

  1. runic tablet
  2. a head in a jar
  3. Avrue token
  4. Fedo lol Christmas present
    Well you get the picture.
    I idea is why not put all those items and more to good use by having a Scavenger hunt type event involving all the items that at one time was meant to be used in game but some how got left out
    Said items could be turned in for prizes the more items you have/find the bigger the prize…
    Items that at one time was found via missions could be found by redoing said mission and items added for event would be found the same way or by finding clues to where to find them…
    Heck CCP Devas’s could even get in the act
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by helping new players or handing out clues.
A good time I believe will be had by all…
Thanks for reading this.

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I think players in Fiction Portal section do something like scavenging events sometimes. Or you can find some in the ‘Events’ section of these forums. Players are free to make their own announcements and give out rewards anytime.

That one is a Caldari COSMOS mission item.

I like the idea, in the past CCP promoted a similar event type contest with various prizes available for each stage completed, specifically the Sanctuary Image contest.

A Scavenger Hunt could be set up the same way incorporating travel to different locations within the Eve universe requiring players to locate and secure multiple items in each stage.

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Was that something wow style? Missed the old days when MMORPG is more RP than playing with Item levels.

I have never played WOW…
That being said if you find my Idea has merit please pass it along…
If enough players like the idea maybe CCP will do so as well
Thanks and fly safe

Seems interesting if legit.

Maybe @Mike_Azariah Can help?

–Gadget thanks Nana for the help

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You can do that by adding @

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Editing it in.

–Appreciative Gadget

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let me know how I can help and thanks @Gadget_Helmsdottir for the @

I am a notorious pack-rat and love helping where I can.



If you could spread the word and maybe get CCP to have a look at my Idea for a scavenger hunt type of event
Thanks for your help.

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