Scavenger hunt ideas

(Terralynn Khanid) #1

Was thinking of making a scavenger hunt for corp members. Something to get people out of their comfort zone and do other things. Any suggestions? Like, maybe a null sec ore, some sort of wormhole exclusive loot, odd salvage or what not… Sure a corp member could be a kill joy and just buy stuff, but wheres the fun in that!?

(Lady Ayeipsia) #2

Some thoughts… Don’t limit yourself to in-game items. For example, as for a screen shot of their ship in the Old Man Star system or by the monuments of the BR battle.

Tell them you want a screen shot from inside a warp disruption bubble. Ask to be forwarded an evemail from a random person they talked too in nul or wormhole space.

Just some thoughts.

(Terralynn Khanid) #3

Yes! Screenshot from in a bubble is great and horrible all at the same time! Hahahaha

(Julanna Egnald) #4

Would you allow them to use jump clones to get to places faster? Or set up a time limit so thay could use it at most one time?

(Netan MalDoran) #5

For verification, you can use the mining ledger and loot history in fleet if you were to incorporate such events.

(mkint) #6

Basically the whole COSMOS missions are all scavenger hunts. I liked hunting for finger bones.

(system) #7

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