GM Week - Scavenger Hunt

I’ve yet to find a container, with any contents, seems to be a bad way to implement a hunt, especially compared to the egg hunt, where you actually had a chance of getting something.
To the containers even respawn?

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Last year I scanned at least a hundred systems looking for those cans. I never found one. There is no way to know if the GMs have already placed them or not. You could be looking for something that won’t be in space until tomorrow.

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CCP did the same thing last year. Supposedly they post hints on can locations in their social media sites.

I tried to do it and looked all over for the hints, couldn’t find any whatsoever, even asked in the forums and on their social media sites, never got a reply on it. Eventually I gave up after wasting a bunch of time searching.

There isn’t a lot of cans set out, I think it’s all just a lot of hype to get more players to log in.


Xeux, they announced they would be in Heimatar and Curse (Eve-online Twitter), I found 10 cans, 8 I could answear the riddle to, and they where all empty. So the small secure container, while funny in concept, in my opinion fails miserably ingame.

btw. answear me this one: “Where were you when the Minmatar janitors went on strike?”

Edit: I found those cans in Heimatar (all in HS, none found in LS areas)

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I’m Minmatar and I don’t remember any Minmatar Janitor strike during my 12 years as a Capsuleer. Guess my answer would be ‘Lost In Space’, lol.

Soo, what answer did you give?

Also how did you find them and do the cans have a specific name?

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