Have Market Logs gone away?

Hi, just returned to EVE and wanted to check up on the markets by comparing prices in Excel.

However, my market “Export to file” button appears to be doing nothing. No file found on disk, no MarketLogs folder anywhere. Is there some setting I have missed, or has the log functionality been retired?

check the eve subfolder in documents

There is no eve subfolder in documents.

well blah. it auto created one for me when i exported my market orders. you should get a pop up when you try to export that should tell you the file path. if you don’t get that, i guess it’s not working

I managed to export corp orders a few days ago.



this was today


Best of luck with finding your market orders.


You can only export your own order history, not general market history, so if you had no order history at the time you ran the export, you wouldn’t get any output.

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yes i think so

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