Have to sell


Has 750,000 unallocated skill points
All advanced Rorqual level 5 skills have been completed. Perfect
Positive wallet. No kill rights.
Character is located in Jita
Good basic combat skills
Starting bid: 35B

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Please provide the password for SkillBoard

I don’t know how to operate it

35B offer

Somehow, this seems to raise a red flag…

Using my extensive cyberskills, I was able to discern that the password is… 1 2 3 4 …

36 bil

37 bil

38 bil

yeah im not gonna bid anymore, i dont really need it o7

39 Bil

40 bil

Thanks lol

41 Bil

42 bil

Thank you very much for your bid, 3 days if there is no brand new offer. The role will be owned by the highest bidder

43b b/o ready right now

44 billion ISK right here

Trade now?

44b isk ready now

You can come up with a better price。0.0