Have you ever rented a solar system from a wombat? [RENTING | IMMENSEA]

Who is Combat Wombat?

Combat Wombat is a bunch of EVE players who have been playing together for over a decade. We have already been known as mercenaries, wormholers and repeatedly as SOV owners in Nullsec.

Like all our competitors, we cannot offer you 100% security in earning ISK. HOWEVER, past experience has shown that Wombat SOV has been shunned within weeks of being acquired, as we are an active EU TZ PVP alliance. We are supported by our Blues, Frenemies (friendly neutrals) and Non-Invasion Pacts to ensure a safe new home.

Rented Systems:

We’ve seen many renting systems come and go in the past. With our SOV we want to offer you an alternative to the Y system(s) X price(s) systems. By dividing the systems into 3 areas, we want to make Corporations work with each other to create a good environment for all types of players.

You can rat and mine in each system of these areas as you like AND you can do scannable PVE-, Data- and Relic Sites in our entire SOV (Escalations can be done everywhere).

In addition, we charge a fixed monthly amount, measured by the size of the corporation.

For additional Informations please contact us by ingame channel: Immensea/rental or checkout our Website: English Deutsch Pусский

Overview Systems

(02/24/2021 latest update)

Lexy Belly

The area Lexy Bella is our most expensive Poket. All systems are in a dead-end pocket and have security statuses from -0.38 to -0.79. The area therefore contains all types of PVE and ore anomalies.

  • Costs: 2,5 billion ISK per month
  • Security: -0,38 -0,79
  • Features: Dead-End Pocket

Angela White

The Angela White area features access to 3/12 ice belts in the region. It also contains a small dead-end pocket and 2 other dead-end systems. It is also very close to the Central Trading Point for Combat- and Fluffy Wombats.

  • Costs: 1,5 billion ISK per month
  • Security: -0,07 -0,40
  • Features: 3 Ice-Belts / Dead-End Systems and Dead-End Pocket

Piper Perry

Piper Perry is our free and therefore cheapest area. For this area no surcharge is required although with NS2L-4 and B-S347 systems with a safety status of up to -0.58 are available for free.

  • Costs: no extra charge per month
  • Security: -0,25 -0,58
  • Features: Pipe Ratting








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Does the Piper Perry plan include access to docking and industry?

Yes, also Mining, PI and Scanning.

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