Have you seen Salvos, or Teckos?

Oh, I think I know which one… It’s a good one, too.

Still, I miss Salvos. I don’t know the other guy, sorry. With Salvos do people get annoyed, because he is intelligent. And then there are those, how shall I put this kindly, well they only make one feel intelligent.

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I don’t miss Salvos.

Just look how many threads about ganking or wars have been locked since he dissapeared.


And people can have, you know, conversations again without being interrupted by some spambot


The point of a forum is however not to close threads.

If you let them. You don’t have to let them interrupt you. It’s a trigger, which you have, a sense of being wrong or being wronged by others. You don’t have to let it control you. It’s only something that you’ve be trained to do by your parents and teachers. Better realize that you were most likely not wrong and that you can explain very reasonably what you’ve said and why you’ve said it. Or in the event one is actually wrong to be thankful for it, to use it and to move on. Or don’t do anything, but always realize you have more than one way to respond. Think about what is important for you in a discussion and stick to it. Best way not to get derailed is to keep on track …

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I’m rarely wrong, and I usually admit I am.

Misinformation however, I don’t like.
And your pal loves to spread it (see any bumping thread)

repeating a lie won’t ever make it true to those who know the facts comes to mind :wink:


No, repeating a lie does not make it true. What can happen is that when one fights a lie too often others will start seeing something in the lie, a tool or something to control you with because of the way you respond to the lie, and some will mistake this for the truth. In other words, fighting a lie can make it true, even when it isn’t.


In the end, lies don’t matter when you can prove your facts.

I say good riddance, forums are a far better place now :slight_smile:


Lol. Have you been outside recently? Read the news? Been on social media?

We’re living in a fake news filter bubble world. Facts don’t matter, education is worthless, the earth is flat, vaccines are harmful and the evil Russians are going for world domination.

For facts to matter, you have to have a educated population that can grasp and understand the facts you’re presenting. If they’re too stupid to get it, they’ll rather believe

  1. whatever it is they’re capable of comprehending and / or
  2. whatever it is that a person they trust (e.g. some moron with the same believes) is telling them.

If facts would matter, we wouldn’t constantly have bumping, ganking, or afk cloaking whine topics all over the place.


I agree, but there will always be those that know what’s true and what’s not :wink:


Yeah, but those are a dwindling number and it doesn’t even matter if they know they’re right when all the stupid people around don’t believe them, partly because those stupid people think they’re smarter than they really are.

The fundamental cause of the trouble in the modern world today is that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.
— Bertrand Russell

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Imagine you would just disable the visability of a user.
Not banning him, but make all his posts invisable for other regular users. No one would react to them anymore. It could take a long time til this user finds out about it and might have given up posting at all in the meantime.

Harsh method, but I imagine it could be very effective in discouraging offensive behavior.

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Like they had on the old forums?

I miss that feature

E: @The_Dunning_Kruger wasn’t there also some quote along the lines of There are 2 kinds of people, people who know they’re dumb and those who don’t ? :smiley:


Sounds accurate to me, considering how stupid humans are. The smarter ones can see how stupid they really are in the grand scheme of things, while the rest are examples of Dunning-Kruger.

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But we actually need them to constantly display their stupidity to maintain the visible distinction between stupid and non-stupid.

The “land of the free” I’m going to assume?

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I wish it were only limited to the world leader of “percentage of the population that believe angels are real”…


How did a discussion about the status of a couple of forum members turn into a bash America session?

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Why don’t you tell us? Or can you not do it?


The community here at the forums is rather interesting. That someone would notice the absence of regulars, even those they vehemently disagree with, is actually a bit encouraging.

There are a bunch of forum regulars that I don’t think made the transition from the old forums to the new ones. Or at least, dipped their toe in the waters here and decided it wasn’t for them. I’m terrible with names, but several faces spring to mind on the subject. One guy was charming and witty, pleasantly sarcastic, and I remember he posted something once that had me fall out of my chair laughing (his response to a thread about “Boycotting 3M”). I often wonder what became of him. Or one name I do recall is Baltec1. I don’t know if I agreed or disagreed with the things he used to post, but I remember seeing his name frequently and I think I responded to him a few times.

There’s other regulars whom I know did make the jump from the old forums. Ralph King-Griffin, Tipia Riot among them. There’s something comforting about seeing regulars crop up in conversations, something about EvE being in good hands if it can retain (for years on end) passionate and serious-minded people like that.

I miss Tippia, though. I think that was her name.


I don’t, and I’m glad not to see him or her here. I always found Tippia to be passionless, almost robotic.

@discobot fortune Do you like passionate people?

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