[HC.H] Hardcore Hauling Is Recruiting

Hardcore Hauling is a highsec industrial corporation and a proud member of White Alliance.

We live in a quiet corner of Amarr space and are a manufacturing and trading partner to the nullsec corporations within our alliance as well as to other nullsec blues. Our HQ is close to a major trade hub, next door to lowsec and only a few jumps from null.

What we offer:

  • Small group dynamic where your participation helps influence a growing community.
  • Support for new players: skill packs, free ships & training, experienced leadership.
  • Orca boosted mining ops, an alliance ore buyback program and lots of belts.
  • Access to low-tax research, invention, refining and manufacturing facilities.
  • Lowsec and nullsec pvp opportunities through the alliance.
  • Alliance market opportunities in nullsec.
  • Level 4 missions and abyssal fleets.
  • Corporation & alliance discord.
  • And much more!


  • Good attitude and ability to work as part of a team.
  • Regular participation in-game and on discord.
  • Character registration on seat.
  • Interest in pvp.

We strive to create an engaging player experience and friendly environment where players are encouraged to experience Eve for the sandbox that it is without CTA’s or mandatory pvp, and staying out of wars is our top priority. We value diversity and work hard to provide a wide range of content for our members.

Join the in-game channel HC.H Recruitment for more information.

We are still recruiting! Live your best highsec life with Hardcore Hauling and White Alliance.

We are still recruiting!

Whether you’re looking for a low-tax corp to chill in while you learn the game, mining, missions and industry with an active industrial corp or nullsec content with an active alliance, we have what you’re looking for!

Our leadership works hard to provide tons of opportunities to our members. Join us in-game for more info and to get started with the recruitment process!

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