New player, maybe seeking guild/clan/alliance?

So I’m relatively new, about a week in. Doing me some mining and slowly building up that ISK stuff.

Thing is, I know it’ll take a very long time to build up anything of substance solo, or at least, without taking risks. So I’m looking to (possibly) join some kind of friendly, open alliance, preferably with no pressures on me to do things while I still learn the game, and hopefully, help me understand and learn whatever I don’t know at this time.

People keep throwing terms around in game, and assume you know what they mean, despite being told that you are new to it.
Looking for a guiding hand/s, possibly a good place to talk to folks.

Leave a reply, maybe a discord. I’ll join/add someone if it seems appropriate to the situation/progress.

Thanks folks.

Edit; I’m in the UK timezone, and free a lot.

If youd like to make some great isk running missions, united standings improvement agency could use you. We can help you with fits, combat, burners etc. You could even make enough to plex your account.

Hey there Insaim o/

I’d like to invite you to check out our corporation, I think we might be what you’re looking for. We do a lot of missioning, mining and highsec industry, and have opportunities for pvp through our alliance. Join our in-game channel HC.H Recruitment for more info and to start the application process!

Welcome to Eve and fly safe o7

I recommend two things:

  1. Post in this subforum instead Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums
  2. Consider joining a nullbloc, many of them have good newbie corps and highsec is kinda boring.

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