Easy-going Highsec Rookie Training Corp. Looking for Miners / Manufacturers / and Haulers

Starting a new industry corp wing within a new alliance run by gnarled Eve veterans with too much free time and isk.

  • The corp is new, but our core alliance will have 10-20 people on during North American TZ and is growing very very quickly.

  • We’re shooting for mature players (regardless of age).

  • No Tax, we don’t use you to make isk. There are better ways to make isk.

  • Real life is always more important than serious space business. Play at your own pace.

  • Group mission running. Get those standings with mission agents quick! Get tons of isk and modules by taking advantage of your corp leadership!

  • Tons of corp hauling contracts. Safe and fairly priced!

  • Non-scammy Ore buyback if you’re a miner. We pay you what you would get at a trade hub. No less.

  • Decide you are done with Concentrated Veldspar and want some Gleaming Spodumain, we have partners in well-establish nullsec groups who will help you earn brazillions of isk. ( Uau! )

I’m looking for new players looking to learn the ropes while earning isk in a training-oriented corp and set of home systems. (We’ll train you in basics, as well as how to navigate through lowsec and wormholes for logistics).

If you’re the type of personality that trends towards leadership (or a veteran who doesn’t want to mess with eve nullsec politics), you don’t necessarily need a ton of Eve experience, just some decent people skills and we can see if you’re a fit for a leadership role.

Send an Evemail to Case Marlow or reply here.

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