HD textures

HD textures, or rather 4k textures

I still want this, even if it means i will need a fast ssd to enjoy it

I think they may add some better textures as option to 64 bit client.

Because why else they would need so much memory adressing? :thinking:


This subject has been talked about for years, ccp have an official statement during last year’s fan fest saying HD textureds are a no go as they have a very bad impact on game performance

You mean as they said for years that ship skins would be impossible because they would have a bad impact on the performance?

You really belive this excuse?

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It would be a huge waste of time IMO. If they had time to invest in arbitrarily increasing texture resolution (which usually makes the game look weird), shouldn’t they spend that instead adding more content to the game?

Like skins for example.

If you really call skins content i feel sorry for you…:slight_smile:

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If I really thought skins were great content I’d feel sorry for me too. :rofl:

Skins have a negative performance impact, but also bring in the $$$. HD texture packs are too much work for little additional $$$, so unlikely to see the light anytime soon.

Why would it look weird? It’s not as though they’d be trying to upscale low-res images. Plus, didn’t someone at CCP say a couple years ago that they already had them or that they’d be easy to produce? I don’t know if they currently downgrade originally high-res images or if they would need to create them from scratch.

The only performance issue would be on the client side. Anyone with a system that can’t handle it would use what we have now.

Edit: The Art department indeed previously stated that they have them. However, changes to physically based rendering and some other issues will require some additional work.

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This is not some lame MMO where a new instance is spawned if 20 players are in the same place, EVE has to support thousands of players in the same place.

Not just no, fk no! -1


People have 16-32 Gigs of ram now in their computers,SSDs and threadrippers. Have to somehow occupy it. If CCP have in house textures that fit criteria and 64 bit client would support it with only a small technical work, why not give people such option? 4K resolution, get ready, we have a fan spin and…go!

200 FPS easily. :wink:

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EVE has to support thousands of players in the same place.

2449 Hours of play with 1-6 ships in the same place
67 Hours of play with 7-40 ships in the same place
1.5 hours of play with 1000s of ships in the same place

Seems legit.

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CCP would rather spend the time improving graphics for everyone, (and they do include incremental improvements in nearly every update - just wait until you see the new gate effects!) than create & support from then on, a separate package or option.

I dont understand why it will be a big performance issue, most games have high res textures. Anyway if they need so much RAM and video memory they can always sell it as an optional upgrade package. That is better than not having them at all


Funny how every other game and MMO manages to do it


Maybe they manage it while they limit the entities in the given place? I personally don’t want to see a message like “There are already 64 players in this system, please find another route” when I attempt to jump into a system.

Textures are client side.


Yeah im still waiting for them.
I think it’s a must go for EVE because especially bigger ships looks like crap with current ones (it’s very visible on battleships), also nebulas will benefit from it (and there should be more of them tbh)

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At least for capitals should be bigger textures.

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