64bit client

what does it really mean for an average player? simply a performance boost or something else?

here are my specs: i5-6600 3.3GHz |16 GB RAM| GeForce GTX 1070 and obviously 64bit windows 10

For the average player it actually means nothing, the only benefit is removing the 4GB memory restriction on each instance of the client, but unless you’re participating in super massive battles on a regular basis you’re not really likely to even hit that issue anyway, the client itself doesn’t really do any heavy number crunching as that is all done serverside, so the benefit to players is minimal, the benefits are mostly to CCP as they get to replace some older client libraries with more up to date and supported ones

From start You may even didn’t notice change but it will give bigger possibilities for game (fingers cross for HiRes Textures)


Conceptually, they can pre-load more resources into memory, which means loading screens could be shorter.

Thus something like jumping gate to gate could be faster. The catch of course is the server needs to feed relevant data, such as who is on the other side, before it can finish the process.

First and foremost does it mean that the client will eat up more memory by default. It potentially allows faster processing of data and retrievel of data from memory, but that depends more on the programmers.

It also allows using more than 4gig of RAM to be addressed and allows for better process security, potentially helping against botters, though that still remains an arms race.

What it won’t help with is highres textures, because they don’t need that. Textures don’t reside in system RAM, at all. The real problem with those, as CCP stated, is that they don’t actually add much and delivery of the massive amounts of data is a problem.

CCP has tackled the “low resolution textures” problem differently, by adding procedural shaders onto surfaces. Citadels were the first to use them, now gates have them too. Haven’t logged in yet to see if it’s in hangar views as well now.

I’m not sure I’d agree with that logic. I know more than a few people who got major “oooooooooh shiny!” syndrome when they saw Eve. It’s a beautiful game aesthetically, and that was what drew them to it. A few even stayed for the gameplay. Even given the age, it’s still aesthetically one of my favourites.

Highres textures won’t add to gameplay at all. But the eye-candy can definitely attract fresh blood. And if textures were optional (hit the checkbox to download the highres textures), you’d have folks downloading them on an as-desired basis.

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Yeah we had that once before, didn’t end up that well and was scrapped, as it stands the textures wouldn’t really add that much, there will always be the “oooh shiny” people who think graphics actually matter more than they do, and even then thats just a fleeting feeling and then people will be whining for even more high resolution textures because they are bored of the old ones etc, just remember that creating higher resolution textures means a lot more QA work aswell, its not just a case of adding a larger file, you need to make sure they all map correctly and you would also need to make sure that sitting on the jita undock isn’t going to cripple any GPU’s, and god forbid the poor person who enables those in a fleet fight :stuck_out_tongue:

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People, who are easily triggered into reactions by superficialities, aren’t actually high quality people. It’s like entering a relationship with a woman that looks hot, completely ignoring that that’s the least of what matters when you want to spend a huge amount of quality time with someone.

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