HiRes textures

Are we forgot about those juicy Hi Resolution textures? Especially for ships starting from BCs. Isn’t the time for this even if it would be optional?
Also no real ship wrecks (like for caps) at last for battleships is a little dissapointing


My ships look good in Hi-Res. I turned it on as soon as I added RAM. There’s an option to turn it on in Settings.
How old is your puter? How many GB of RAM do you have? What is your Graph-Card?

Edit: Whispering NVIDIA “The way it’s MEANT to be played”

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Since textures are loaded into vram. Adding more operating memory (ram) don’t really affect this in any way. Next in line bottleneck in terms of textures will be your HDD/SSD not amount of ram. Unless you are using integrated graphic card of course.

Han is correct in her post.
Why Integrated Graphics Cards are bad:
They lack important features like dedicated RAM. A dedicated video card can produce more heat because it has it’s own heat sink and fans. When you’re integrated GPU starts getting hot, your CPU is basking in that heat as well, slowing them both down, although in this case crippling would be a more accurate word.

I’m no computer expert but have worked in that industry long enough to have bought a PC that serves my needs well.
Use a non-integrated Graphics Card and just add RAM. 16gig should be enough but 32 can’t hurt. Make sure your Hard Disk is newer and your CPU also.
Multi-Core CPU’s are what you want.
Don’t buy a PC with Intel CPU. AMD is best for gaming.
Watch your GHz, it makes a big difference. Don’t go under 3.50GHz.
Stay away from laptops for gaming. Desktops are better.
I have an HP. For $400 you’re set.

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Gosh! How did I forget GHz ?? That’s the most important, besides the kind of CPU. I also have Multi-core CPU. Don’t ALL puters come with MCCPU nowdays though?

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No. Single-Core PC are still a thing. Don’t ask me why, I’m no expert but having a multi-core processor in a computer means that it will work faster for certain programs. The computer may not get as hot when it is turned on. The computer needs less power because it can turn off some sections if they aren´t needed.
But Multi-Core and low RAM isn’t a good combination. Those two work in tendem and are helped by GHz. capabilities.

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And your car is getting hotter when you have bigger radiator? Dedicated gpu’s are more powerful, more transistors etc. and this results in more heat. Integrated gpu’s are less powerful, so they generate less heat.

Both gpu’s and cpu’s have maximum safe temperature set by manufacturer. Only after you exceed this limit, hardware starts to limit amount of power it can draw. To prevent damage, resulting in drop of performance. Chilly cpu won’t help when your gpu is overheating. You have issue anyway. I assume you look at it from laptop standpoint. Where same cooling system is used for both components. But still, underpowered cooling solution won’t work even if you split it in half. That being said. If you have air cooled PC, you still use same air to cool cpu and gpu even if they aren’t directly connected to each other.

Wrong. For gaming, still best is single core performance and intel wins in this category. That being said (and while not getting to much into details), both brands are good for gaming. Saying otherwise is just pure fanboyism.

GHz is meaningless. Don’t measure performance in GHz. IPC is what matters. Just because AMD processors generaly have higher clook speed than Intel. It don’t means that they perform better.

Depends on model and hardware. Statement worth nothing by itself. We already have laptops that have similar performance to high end PC’s. And crappy PC is still crappy PC. Just because it is PC, that don’t make it faster.

Pile of 10 years old garbage misinformation that is shared on internet over and over again.

1070, 16GB and i9, 120fps on 32:9 G9 monitor

Don’t think that this “look good”

You are both wrong. Intel has hight clocks, but AMD is ahead in IPC. What you are looking for optimally is high clock - speed AND high IPC.

I upgraded to a 1440p monitor from 1080p for the first time in September, I also got an excellent deal on a used 1080 Ti. I had always thought EVE was a pretty decent looking game, but after maxing out the settings at 2K, I was surprised that so many of the textures on ships and stations are pixelated and fugly. Some far worse than others, the Thorax for example is extremely low res.

I know, I know, MMOs aren’t usually known for ground breaking graphics, but playing at 2K EVE really does look heavily dated. I can only imagine how it is for 4K players. Maybe I’m just spoiled from playing Elite because god damn that is a beautiful game.


Damn, might as well use a magnifying glass.

Why :smiley: UI scalling set to 125% and Eve looks very immersive on 5120x1440 especially because camera rendering system which dont stretch out image at sides like on fps games.
Btw HDR could be really cool for EVE but windows hdr is broken so probably does not make sense now

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Back in 2011 my ex got an iMac. I laughed at her for it.

Then I fired up EVE Online. Holy ■■■■ the game looked amazing. It looked better on her 2011 iMac than it does today on my actual gaming rig. However multiboxing was garbage and the game would hitch constantly. iMacs are not great gaming PCs.

To make EVE look the way I want it, I’ve found turning the graphics all the way up and turning brightness all the way down gives me the perfect lighting effects.

  • Ryzen 5 2600
  • MSI Tomahawk 450
  • NVIDIA GeForce 1660
  • 16 gb DDR4 RAM

Not even top end. Runs 7 clients on max graphics no problems.

That’s exactly what I done except I didn’t turn brightness all the way down, just enough so I wouldn’t go blind when camera faces the sun.

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That’s not for multi or mono processors. Basically transistors only consume power when changing state, and the change is propagated to next transistors through clock signal (the output of a gate changes at most at each clock signal). Therefore limiting your clock signal to areas of the processors that are required to handle the calls on the pipeline allows to reduce the energy cost induced by each clock. That technology is called “clock gating” .

No, you don’t need more ram for more processors. If you had ONE processor, then it would require exactly as much RAM as if you had several, because RAM is just the representation of the programs. What makes you consume more, is having more programs running.

Some operation are done on vectors of data. example find the highest value in an array, multiply two matrix, invert them…

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