Headhunter SKINS in potatoe mode

I only go into potato mode when in big fleet fights, otherwise im always at the fps cap.
Unless my game crashes, i do have a problem where if im running two screens (or even sometimes with just the one) my game will just randomly completely crash, and it will make my screen/screens both go a random colour (mostly gray) and then reconnect my screens…
I don’t know why it does it but it seems to only happen when i get into a fight, often losing me the fight (if not definetly)

Howto for making a 150 dollar gaming rig: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epIlB49SNTI

I played on potato mode for quite a while due to multiboxing, but did not mind how it looked as long as the performance was good.

Then one day I switched back to highest quality settings and I was like "OMG I can see, I can see!"
Suddenly everything looks awesome, I see new stars, guns and explosions effects etc., and I am thinking - "Damn, the visuals team did an outstanding job which I’ve neglected so far. "

So, now I want to play all clients on max settings, therefore a new PC is on the way. Like @CCP_Falcon said, potato mode = performance mode, if you want to make EVE beautiful again - think of an upgrade.

Spat coffee :smiley:

Reading comprehension V wouldn’t help at all, because your spelling and grammar are garbage.

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