Headhunter SKINS in potatoe mode

Im quite disappointed about the headhunter SKINS. i play eve in potatoe mode ( lowest settings) like a lot of people i know. i engage a lot in fleetfighs and filled grids, i just have to play in potatoe mode to have at least proper framerates.

i know u wont see details on skins, im already used to it, but at least u get the color scheme even in lowest settings, a redskin is red, a blue one is blue…ect

the new headhunterskins though, are just a plain darkishgreen/blue ( whatever that mess is) color scheme. hell its not even red. not to mention u dont even see a fractured skull emblem …not even a white blob …ships are just darkgreen/blue ugly shits. im super disappointed . what is different on the Headhunterskins that one cant even see the frigging red color scheme in potatoe mode. it worked for previous crimson harvest reskins too ( like my gnosis).

this sucks. i was looking forward to the new skins , i like red color schemes.
so now there is not much of a need to hunt those skins, except to sell them .
im sad.
also why does the event have a 100%droprate on accelerators ? that fucks the market if u try to make isk of the ones u dont need.
also the new FOB sites are a joke . a lot of effort to take them down, for nothing.

Change setting to nonpotatomode.

Solved. :joy:


i knew some troll would come up with that, or tell me to buy a better PC. this wont help a bit. im just making clear that those new multilayered skins will inhabit a lot of problems . like people who are used to play at least in medium settings in bigger fights ( non tidi) will get confronted with the harsh reality that their fps will also drop if half of ships on grid sports the new multilayerskins. :wink:

nana not every player has a decent gaming PC, nor can afford it. if u ever engaged on crowded grids and med sized fleetfights ( not to mention tidi fights) u would know , people turn to potatoe mode, no matter what PC u have. and even turn sound off ( if anyone plays eve with sound at all).

Oh yes it would.

Stop trolling CCP with “Potato mode looks like potato mode” thing. :smirk:


Seriously, Who cares what a ship looks like in fleet fights except a video maker? It’s all icons of different colors and list of stuffs in overview gives you a rough understanding of what the battlefield is like.

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If you’re playing EVE with the lowest graphics settings, then not only are SKINs going to look less impressive, everything is. Ships themselves, effects, all 3D models, skyboxes, weapon animations.

The lowest graphics settings in EVE have nothing else but performance in mind, for those who’re running systems that can’t handle heavier graphics load.

Potato mode looks like potato mode by design, to make sure that the work your GPU has to do is the bare minimum, in order to keep gameplay as smooth and responsive as possible.


all skins apply at least the color scheme in potatoe. headhunters doesnt, . thats actually the whole point that frustrates me.
not to mention the future problems those multi layer skins might cause in terms of game performance :wink: ( i see it coming FC calls " turn off ur headhunter skins or we need to switch to potatoe mode on this grid" )

but why in Bobs name, does the color scheme not appear on my ship in potatoe mode? id be happy if it was plain red, like the crimson harvest skins ( fro my gnosis for example). its is not even that. its darkblueish.

This is one of the main reasons that we don’t just put every color and material set on every ship all the time, and fill the New Eden Store with 50,000 SKINs.

Each SKIN is performance tested on a range of systems to make sure it reaches performance standards that we feel are acceptable for gameplay.

It’s unfortunate that potato mode doesn’t let you see how pretty things are, but at the same time we need to take performance into account, which is what potato mode is designed for.


Can we have dynamic graphic settings that changes depending on number of people on grid or on local etc., like wow raid settings? I know that the difficulty is that EVE is continuous and switching graphic settings could freeze the client for several seconds, which is unfavorable in fleet operations.

aur reading comprehension is 0. i said . ALL previous skins at least transfer the color scheme , in potatoe mode. headhunter doesnt even that. and yes i do like to have at least some colors on my ships every now and then even i play in lowest settings. next u tell me play in CGA like back in the days.

You mean these ships dont have color now?

Turns out they had just few minutes ago. :thinking:

ok i put on a red skin, and get a darkblue ship.
ur logic is flawless.
i surrender to it.
end of discussion.

btw is this ur main?

What you gonna do? Hunt him down and make him pay for his relentless truth-telling?

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no checked zkill history to see if he even does stuff ingame. the awnser is no. or someone uses an old account / toon to troll forums :wink:

and i still wait for an awnser to my essential main question here :

“i know u wont see details on skins, im already used to it, but at least u get the color scheme even in lowest settings, a redskin is red, a blue one is blue…ect…” so why does headhunter skin not even show the main color scheme in potatoe ( which would be red) instead its darkblueish. no clear awnser to that .

Everything is looking so ugly in potato mode, that I am surprised it actually made you post this.

Seriously… :roll_eyes:

There is clear answer. Let me tell you (and others like you) how its working, because I see you dont understand and CCP Falcon didnt explain it. Skin is darkgreen/blue, not red, because darkgreen/blue is the base color of the SKIN. CCP dont make different SKINs for potato mode. The base is what you get. The fancy graphic is the layer you can get in nonpotatomode, that is the way shaders work with SKINs. Essentially you want them to change base if you want different color in potato mode. As nearly everyone likes them now, I think it will not happen.

Its awesome that CCP recognise Potatoe Mode is a good name and I look forward to a button in options that asks if I would like to use it.

Editted: I feel “Potatoe” to be a more appropriate spelling in this instance.

You can see this in the Guardians Gala skins too. OP, it’s a cosmetic in a game you’re playing at the lowest settings, at what point do you give up on how your game looks?

I played on potatomode for the past 4 years, revently got a new PC and now fricking salvage moves in space :open_mouth:
I had no clue that was actually a thing lol…

So stop complaining that a game, that has been updated continuously since 2003, doesnt look good on your bamboo pc. Thats not the developers problems tbh. You need to keep up to date with current gaming tech, nobody else can do that.
Are you gonna complain to Bethesda that you cant run Fallout 4 next? No, i didnt think so.

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Cool. I figured there must a reason. My current theory was that Iceland has a lot of colour blindness or something like that.