Heavy assault cruisers

Heavy assault cruisers should have more role bonus than just being able to fit assault damage control

It’s not the only ship line that only has one role bonus…

since you seem to think it needs another role, what role do you think it should have?

The resists, and damage, and fitting, and range, and sensor strength…

The HAC Role Bonus is that it is just so strong. So many of them are ultra powerful in their roles too. The some of the skill bonuses on the hulls are insane.

Vaga has a ultility high. I mean, that’s almost not fair.


Why? What sort of bonuses?

They seem to be just fine and really good already.

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What need is you develop better understanding around fitting mechanics and theory crafting , and you need a perspective to be able to see these ships in positions .
Also piloting skills…

Then i would say we can talk about this…
But then You wouldn’t open this post …
So , class dismissed .

Nah, better to remove role bonuses from all ships.

And all fitting bonuses.

Be like a proper game and have ships stand and fall on their actual stats.

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They definitely need a conditional role bonus for when they are armor tanked. :upside_down_face:

I see heavy assault cruisers everywhere. They definitely do not need an additional role bonus.

… unless it’s this:

Role bonus:

  • Inverse ninja law - for every other HAC in fleet, this ship is 1% less effective.

But but but, then a fleet of 100 HACs would do no damage?!

That’s Math!! :wink:


And a fleet of 200 HAC’s would be a logistics wing!


I am in your debt, Sir.

If you want more roles on a ship use a t3 cruiser? t2 destroyer? lol

They are not in good state right now. Lost one in level 1 missions

You lost a HAC in a level 1 mission?

Pics for the love of grudd lol.

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I vote for heavy assault cruisers to have an additional role bonus of “Increased mining yield”.

Any complaints?



My guess is you’re trolling…

If not, the only way I can imagine losing a HAC in a lvl 1 mission is if you were to warp a completely unfit hull into a mission with scrams. Even then I suspect shield regen could probably keep you alive, although I’d have to test that.

Maybe 20% dmg boost

lol, do you have any grasp on this games concepts and meta?

because ignoring all the other hacs you just broke with that, the munnion cancer would be about all you saw flying around.