Heavy Interdicto pilot Price Check

it has Mid grade slave set and good kills on killboard.

Nyx solo kill;

15 bil

i will sell it if we get to a good price

define “good” because its a price check atm

18 or 19b


if we get to 17b i sell this char

17b b/o

will wait 24 hours and after this highest bid will be acepted

you said 17 b/o, i offered 17. My bid will be withdrawn if not accepted in 30 min from this post.

Offer withdrawn. Im not trying to play games. If you say you’ll sell if you get to 17b, you should keep your word.

I’ll give 17.5 bil for you to reserve it for me until I can get online and send isk, about 4 days.


if the 17b offer is withdrawn then i reserve the 17.5b for you

i would like to sell it right now if no one buy it now then is yours

I’d do 15b right now if others changed their minds.

nooo reserved for 17.5b!!!

no more offers

I’ll renew my 17b offer if we can do this right now

ok send isk and account name