WTS 25m* Pure Nyx Pilot

(General Kano) #1


*Great Name
*has min carrier injected as well as gal
*Remap up
*Gal Carrier 5, Cybernetics 5, JDC 5
*Some training implants currently mapped for Drones
*Short History

Run Time: sale will end to highest bidder on 6/14/18 at 17:00 evetime
Buy Out: 29B

In highsec, no killrights, pos wallet. all CCP rules apply
Thank You

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #2

starting with 22b

(Charessys) #3


(General Kano) #4

I think that is a pretty good offer Caressys, but I would like to get a bit more.
A char like this does not come around too often :wink:

buyout and runtime set

thank you all

(Tali'Shepard Vas Normandy) #5

That toon is missing a chunk of skills, no armor comps to 5, no fighters 5, lots of engineering, shields and targeting skills. Would have to inject at least 5-6m sp, so my highest bid will be 27b

(Charessys) #6


(General Kano) #7

Thank you for the Bids. I would be willing to end the Auction today for the buyout of 29B.

(Warrior Alpha) #8

29B :slight_smile:

(General Kano) #9

Warrior_Alpha, please send isk and account name

(Warrior Alpha) #10

I’ve sent isk and account name, please check your mail

(General Kano) #11

got it, sending char now. thanks

(Shel Silverstone) #12

it was written that the Buy out price of 30kk …

(Charessys) #13


(General Kano) #14

Sorry to all other bidders. This char is sold.

(system) #15

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