WTS 25m* Pure Nyx Pilot


*Great Name
*has min carrier injected as well as gal
*Remap up
*Gal Carrier 5, Cybernetics 5, JDC 5
*Some training implants currently mapped for Drones
*Short History

Run Time: sale will end to highest bidder on 6/14/18 at 17:00 evetime
Buy Out: 29B

In highsec, no killrights, pos wallet. all CCP rules apply
Thank You

starting with 22b


I think that is a pretty good offer Caressys, but I would like to get a bit more.
A char like this does not come around too often :wink:

buyout and runtime set

thank you all

That toon is missing a chunk of skills, no armor comps to 5, no fighters 5, lots of engineering, shields and targeting skills. Would have to inject at least 5-6m sp, so my highest bid will be 27b


Thank you for the Bids. I would be willing to end the Auction today for the buyout of 29B.

29B :slight_smile:

Warrior_Alpha, please send isk and account name

I’ve sent isk and account name, please check your mail

got it, sending char now. thanks

it was written that the Buy out price of 30kk …


Sorry to all other bidders. This char is sold.

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