(SOLD)WTS Focused NYX Pilot 22.1M SP

(Reya Dehmov) #1

EVESkill: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Reya_Dehmov

Gal Carrier 4
Fighters 5
Light Fighters 4
Heavy Fighters 4
Support Fighters 4
Cybernetics 5

Wallet is positive
In NPC corp
In High Sec (Jita)
No kill rights
Positive security status
2 Remaps available
Unallocated SP 116,038

Ocular Filter - Standard
Memory augmentation - Standard
Neural Boost - Standard
Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard

Character has never been in a corporation besides NPC.

I will pay cost of transfer.
Start: 18B B/O: Post Offer

(Post will sit for about 24 hours to soak for exposure after posting, before I consider accepting offers)

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(Mia Z) #2

23 BO?

(Kano Jin) #3

25b is ready

(Reya Dehmov) #4

That’s a nice offer Kano! I’m going to wait and leave the post up for 24 hours to get more exposure before I make a final decision. (Edited the main post to reflect that)

(Kano Jin) #5

Please let me know your price for consideration

(Reya Dehmov) #6


For 29B I’ll accept it immediately as a BO.

(Kano Jin) #7

Sorry, I can’t accept that. You can call me when you change your mind

(Reya Dehmov) #8


I’ll accept the offer at 25B. Waiting for isk and account info and I’ll start the transfer.

(Kano Jin) #9

This is great, I will provide isk and account in 5 hours

(Kano Jin) #10

The account name and isk have been sent

(Reya Dehmov) #11

isk received and opened ticket for transfer with plex

(Kano Jin) #12

I got it. It’s really a good deal, thanks