Heideran Decree

A recurring question from Amarr RPers, and others, over the years is what the state of play of the “Heideran Decree” is.

A new fiction portal article sets out to answer this.


You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

It’d be pretty amusing for an Amarr npc to weigh in on this thread and explain things, and berate the heathens and heretics for being ignorant of the nuances of imperial policy.

I love that new lore articles are coming out, but I still utterly despise how the lore articles are organized (which if I’m correct, is currently just listed based on when it was uploaded, like tumblr, or not even sorted based on any criteria at all). It would be nice if the articles are organized in a more logical manner, like the old EVElopedia wiki. That was more user-friendly and it was much easier to find interconnected articles.

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