Lore question

Hello Fellow capsuleers,
I am currently writing a book based on the eve universe.
The main char will need a way to become a capsuleer and my current idea for that is he joins a programm where the amarr navy offers free capsuleer training if he meets the requirements (obviosly) and then joins the amarrian navy for a few years.
Doe navys do stuff like that?


That should get you started. There are many websites on EVE lore, you’ll also find excerpts of books written for EVE and more.
Before you start a story based on a universe as grand as EVE, I would suggest you spend several weeks to familiarize yourself with it. Take it from someone who wrote a novel that happens during Roman times. I learned more about romans during research for the book than the years I spent reading about them.
Asking others is nice but everything has to come from you. Others may comment but the creation of the book is yours to do that’s why I would suggest NOT using EVE’s universe and inventing your own whole universe but it’s not my book.

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I already use that website for my research thank you though : )

I will use the EvE Universe since i want the book to bring people into the game.
But for this part i will invent my own small part.

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Good luck with it! And when you get writers’ block just go out and enjoy yourself best way you know how because writer’s bock isn’t an if, it’s a guarantee.

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well writes block isnt really a garuanteed thing to happen.
i dont get a writers block when writing a short story in school or so lol.
but i understand what u mean

:laughing: I hope not.
I’m talking about 80,000 words and a couple of years. I didn’t get many blocks but the ones that I did get took me at least a week to get over them… but everything went smoothly once I figured out how I was going to end it, lol.
Now I’m curious! Would you send me a few paragraphs when you’re ready, please? I love to read what stuff other people come up with and sci-fi is my favorite genre.
If not it’s okay too.

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yes i can send you that.
il send you an EVE-Mail with the prologue and first chapter once i got em ready

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I really appreciate that. Thank you. Don’t rush it :wink:

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