HeIIspawn Alliance Are Recruiting - High-Sec PvP

Recruitment Video

About Us and What We Offer
Filthy Mofos are the Executor Corp for HeIIspawn Alliance. We are recruiting old and new PvP minded players to join us for High-Security violence. Both our Corp and our Alliance are run by veteran players with families who remember that Eve is for fun and real life also comes first.

We enjoy a wide range of activities, but our main focus is on:

:diamonds: High-Sec Warfare
:diamonds: Ganking
:diamonds: Piracy
:diamonds: Null-Sec roams

Our PvE characters are also heavily involved in mining, industry and exploration. We can also offer access to an ALT corp for characters who you do not want to be eligible for war. This corp has low tax rates and will also have access to our structures for refining and industry.

Rules and Recruitment
We have a reasonably open recruitment policy and avoid giving out directives unless necessary. We truly believe that Eve should be played the way that you would like to play it. As such, our rules are simple… so long as you join in when you can and do not do anything to cause discord within the Alliance, you are good by us.

How To Apply
If you or your Corp are interested in joining, please contact Darkfriar or Will Hurt in-game for more information.


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