Hel/ Nyx Pilot For Sale 38m sp





still selling?

40B isk ready

thanks for the offer

Hi! I noticed that you reduced buyout. How much the buyout be set now?

Hey, the pilot recently added on a full High grade slave pod and a caille neon nyx skin so thats an extra 6b in stuff added on. I probobly wouldnt sell this character unless it was around 48b isk now where it was 45

contact teemo in game if you want to discuss


in game offer 48 billion. Will wait 24 hours then if no other offer will sell to this offer.


I can come up to 45.5B, but 48B is too higher for me, because I don’t have enough isk. If you can accept 45.5B, we can begin trade now.

Purchased 48 b

Character is transferring, however isk is still on the character. Please send isk to this toon when you recieve it. Sorry im operating on 2 hours of sleep right now. Transaction remains unfinished till i receive funds.

let me know when you send isk

I sent isk to the character I purchased…

Yeah I’m saying I transferred the character with the isk still on it. Was running on very little sleep and made a mistake. You should have the character now. Transfer isk to queen currency

OK will do asap

Thank you very much! Enjoy the character!