Hell For French - Recruitment Re-Opens

We are HFFR, members of Deep Space Alliance and co-founders of Kairos.

We are looking for pilots to join our Anglo-French-Dutch Community in its Asian to EU timezone.

We are looking for PvP pilots and aspiring FC’s to join our corporation and coalition. We have the following minimum expectations;

  • Mandatory Teamspeak Comms (English & French Speaking)
  • Asia to EU timezone player activity
  • Omega Clone Status
  • PvP driven focus & attitude
  • Players unafraid to fight uphill battles against stronger and more well financed entities.
  • A drive to be better and learn from mistakes, yet not afraid to make them
  • Willingness to live and hunt in Lowsec & Nullsec

What we can offer to you;

  • SRP on all Stratops
  • Honest recruitment, you’re not a number.
  • The chance to join an emerging entity within EvE that can hold its own.
  • Small Gang Hunting Roams through nullsec, Gate Camps and midscale StratOps.
  • An emotionally connected community of players wanting to perservere together.
  • The chance to be part of our story and make it your own as we edge into Nullsec from our Lowsec Home in Mamet.
  • A place to learn pvp & keyskills to be a better pilot

If you want to know more, then please feel free to send me a message in game and we can have a chat on our Teamspeak or Discord.

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