Recruiting Rookies for Nullsec Training!

Dampfhammer Entertainment Ltd is striving to be your launchpad into nullsec.

This Is Where You Learn:

  • How to use comms
  • Which skills and ships you need
  • How to take part in grand endeavours

What We Offer:

  • Low corporation tax
  • PVP roams
  • Free beginner ships
  • Answers to your questions

What Are We Looking For?

  • PVP oriented pilots
  • Teamspeak is required when we make fleets
  • Alpha pilots are welcome

We have connections to an alliance based in 0.0 space. If and when you are ready, you may join them.

We are looking for EU timezone players. Our languages are German and English.

Still recruiting. So far we have only found experienced players, which is great.

If you are new to the game, just PM me ingame.

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