Hello, i just received a weird eve mail from a person

(Sneaky Mabebu) #1

Hello, i just received a weird eve mail from a person.
It contains only:

“Address: xx.xxx.xxx.xx:xxxx”

what may it be? Could it be dangerous?

Whant to put it here, just in case

(Linus Gorp) #2

The forum censors it. Is it good stuff?

(Sneaky Mabebu) #3

Its I censor it. It looks like an ip key with some dots lots of numbers and “:” in it. Maybe its evegate buggy hyperlink, or smthng. I received it from a recruiter of some sort. Just checking if its ok/somebody knows the thing

(Toran Mallow) #4

Based on your description and the number of characters, it looks like an IP address in dotted-quad notation, followed by a colon and port number.

What number followed the colon? 80? 443? Something else?

(Sneaky Mabebu) #5

sorry, i guess it my mistake, it was a ts server adress. I wan’t in a game for some time, so i just forgot how it looks like

I guess, the problem solved.

(Rina Asanari) #6

Dotted quad and port number doesn’t necessarily mean TS server, it could be anything. Without any other information I’d be sceptical.

(lost packet) #7

Could be anything from free stuff to a virus.

Just delete it, be safe and encourage people to write more description mails :stuck_out_tongue: