Wreck Names

Anyone having the same issue I’m having?

My client seems to be bugged; wreck names have the word “GAY” interspersed through the original.

I’ve seen this across multiple accounts all over New Eden.

Anyone else see this in their client?
Is it an eve wide problem or is my client/machine fubar’d?

Pls help - it’s ok in small quantitys but i daren’t go to the contested site in deltole :-S

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File a ticket, there are people who are paid (hopefully) to deal with such maters

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Nobody laughed when you posted it before and now you make a pointless thread about it? Bellend.

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Nice brackets.


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I think the game is trying to tell you something.


Really? I didnt see any “gay” word in that picture. I think his subconscious is trying to tell him something.

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