Signs of EVE Players going to Ultima Online Outlands

LMAO, are you serious, I was walking around and saw an item on the ground, clicked to see who it belonged to it’s from someone called Warp Engine!
2022-10-01 19_32_36-UO - Arya Yeshe - ClassicUO -

C’mon… are we having EVE’s module names as character names in an unrelated medieval fantasy game now? LOL :rofl:

Also UO Oulands discord is showing some signs:
2022-09-30 20_05_03-#newplayer _ UO Outlands - Discord

2022-09-30 20_04_52-#newplayer _ UO Outlands - Discord


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I was going to make a 1400mm Howitzer, but numbers are not acceptable, so two can do EVE names somehow:

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2022-10-01 21_06_52-UO - Melgor - ClassicUO -

Who are those people?

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