Will EvE be name changing?

Now that Twitter is x, and Zuckbook is Metoo, I was wondering if EvE Online has any plans to change the name? I was thinking Zigglewog Mug III: Revenge of the Wabblebots. Or we could just go minimalist and call it 9 (8 is ok too, but 9 is more).



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Eve should become V


My vote goes to Æ


Hey, girl, wanna buy an eight?


I prefer the concise and straightforward “Mining Simulator.”

Really rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

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I propose Eve be renamed Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung


Short “MinSim”? Sounds like a Thai or Vietnamese dish.

EvE, if name changed, would be called Single O Seven.

Of course it would. It’s obvious !

Glad to be of help.


Single O Seven, that’s right.


P.S. Please share your thoughts on any name changes you would propose for CCP devs. We can’t all call them Iceland Denizen 96349751xx. I’d rename ccp Rattati as ccp IsogenX, as an example.
Please keep it cheeky but clean.

I had seen the very first episode when she ate that rat!

Showing my age but V would make new eden great!

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“UwU Online” would attract new players to this universe for sure ^^

Stop making dumb threads.


it would wouldn’t it

Letter O or is it a Zero?

depends on body dimensions
07 ← for tall people
o7 <— for short people
O7 <— for fat tall people




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I wanna know when we are going to get a CCP Carebear

Hmmm are you a new Capsuleer to Eve Online or a new pilot.

Now questioning moving forward in the adventure we had started with our new interactions.

This isn’t my first acc, but i am a relatively new player(i have been playing since some time in 2021)

Edit: this character was created in early 2022, i had been playing before that on a different acc, i think i have been playing since mid to late 2021, but i can’t really remember exactly when i started


Oh, I see.