Please add in ships into the game that start with X and Y

Honestly this should be top priority as its simply ridiculous that it is impossible to create a phonetic alphabet using Eve online ship names. There is also nothing for Q but Quafe is a thing so you can put that on the back burner until X and Y are done. Actually just knock out X as I can cheat with Yacht.

Hey I have an Idea remember when you got us all hyped for that crazy angel titan? Yeah me too how about you finally add that and make its name start with an X. Two birds with one stone that’s efficiency if I ever saw it.

P.S. any of you out there who can think of something for X in Eve please let me know.


Also I just wanted to point out that there isn’t even a single system in the cluster that starts with an X outside of nullsec. I mean can we please get some representation out here CCP?

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Long time no see lugh. Welcome back.

When the devs sign their names, they use X, doesn’t that count? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, it’s been a bit. was good to see its still just the same few topics being posted over and over.

Restart the server, it takes to long to do x, lone contracts, bounty hunting bla bla bla.

sadly it does not.


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ccplease more X!

Xs Make everything better.

‘Yolo’ Polaris T3 frigate

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