What do you think the name of the next expansion will be?

Hello, the next expansion is slated for Q2 2024 which is just around the corner but the name hasn’t been released yet. What do you think the name will be?

Black Hole at Uranus.

Titan ratting cuming back boys.

The name will be Aikotopia.

It will be called Promised Land and its a high sec expansion that brings balanced modules to protect against gankers, as well as an overhaul of d-scan. It will also introduce an ORE Titan which is mainly used for mining and hauling. Its also good for evacuating structures.

There is a myriad of small things that have been fixed too, among other things, Crystals if they are damaged they show how much when they are in inventory.

Except no. :slight_smile: Probably not! Sad

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EVE Annihilation.

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Maybe it will be called Calm Down Miner or hey maybe instead Calm Down Ganker though why not both Calm Down Capsuleer. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smirk: :popcorn:

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Or maybe carebear scare.


How about “GANK”

with a strapline of “It’s What We Want You To Do”

“We don’t care about this game anymore, just do whatever the hell you want”

I expect it will be called ’ Yet more boring PvE content and nothing for PvP-ers’

They tried to make PVP content last expansion but it was actually just glorified PVE (That they copy pasted from FW) Sad!

Maybe they will call it:

NFTs ("whether you like it or not")



At first the expansion was going to be called “Ni”.

Now it’s going to be called " Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing"



“Something we dont’ need” is a good name for it. Rather add a few new missions for all the mission types.


That’s cute.
Still though, calm down, ganker.

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EVE: Sovereign

For I hope it’s reworking sov-mechanics to incentive smaller, more distributed groups inhabitating null. The current centralization makes conflicts big, but also rare.

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Eve - The return of the revenge of who cares.

Rather work on the missions CCP.

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