What do you think the name of the next expansion will be?

The eve gate is forced open by the terran alliance…


Your Narcissism is showing.


Oooh, oooh, I got one, how about “Nobody wanted this, but here ya go”


EVE: Blockchain

The next expansion will be called Upsilon

It will be Giant space worms!

They will descend from the north, from a new zone “High Pass Land Of The Gale”

Are you brave enough to stand against them.


The Blue and Yellow Stars had been mutated to the point of turning them all into dwarfs resulting less light shines that results frozen ice to form on all planets and moons along with every asteroid in their systems to form ice barriers covering their entire surfaces.

ice mining will be required to remove such barrier daily.


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Wrack 'em!

Great. More f###ing rocks. Hooray.

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