Next new expansion

So what do you guys think they will implement in the next new expansion? And how do you think it will work?

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“You can start getting excited for structure customization, new Tech II capital ships, plus corporation goals and content such as the much-anticipated Loyalty Point tax!”

Seems pretty self explanatory right? especially when compared to what they’ve talked about with last year’s Fanfest.


In an attempt to kill them, they’ll end up creating even more bugs…

All kidding aside, I really don’t expect much from it and quite frankly, don’t particularly like how it’s currently being presented. Meaning nothing is actually set in stone, it’s just a bunch of hints making everything open to interpretation.


anything that allows the return of space dicks is very welcome

and its evasion. We’ll know what the real goal is depending on whether the NPC corporations will have this “much-anticipated” LP tax too.

and their interesting blueprints :nauseated_face:

metrics in lieu of leadership :robot:

Apart from the t2 ships, the rest seems a bit of a sideshow. A round of bug fixes would be nice…
But it could have been worse, like another round of “fixing the economy” :partying_face:


Plenty of them, enough to feed an army of millenials.

More like bug pulverizing. It’s gotten this bad:

I’m personally tired and exasperated that my computer is used to troubleshoot this game and that I’m used as a beta tester instead of considered as a player. I should be paid to test programs and games. EVE should be freeware since it looks like it never left the testing phase.

Yesterday I tried to log in and play. The client downloaded 1GB three* times then my anti-virus went nuts, then the game wouldn’t start, then it started but the sound didn’t work and my settings were all out of whack again. Every time I play I have to reset something, I waste time because CCP is too cheap to hire testers.
I tried again later and it was the same. I thought uninstalling and reinstalling would help things so I uninstalled.
I haven’t reinstalled yet. I don’t think that a game sold on the market is supposed to have buyers beta test it unless it’s on Early Access and even then stuff is supposed to work unless noted otherwise.
I like EVE as a game concept but all the issues with it aren’t conductive to enjoying it. I’ve decided to leave it uninstalled for a couple of years, get back to it then and see if things have improved. I hate to do that but I don’t want to deal with so many bugs in one play session, especially when I play other games, online and offline, that offer nothing but excitement and no bugs.
Meanwhile I’ll keep updated on progress and drama via this forum.


Doesn’t sound like a bug, did you install the “new” launcher by any chance ?

@Wadiest_Yong No I didn’t but seeing all the issues with it I doubt anything would improve judging by the feedback thread.
I wanted to get some Omega time and start to get some of my ships exploded while doing some pvp and learning but I don’t think that rewarding CCP with cash is going to help this game.

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Wait just a minute! Are you telling me this game has seasonal expansions?!! Holy cow! Who else was told about this? Must be something new Pearl Abyss brought to the game. Next thing you know, they are going to start adding stuff like this;

Awesome! Can’t wait to see it.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

I then logged out and did a complete scan on my computer, everything checked out so I relogged back into Eve again. Lo and behold, the same thing happened again, more Launcher crap download.

Back in game still no sound, cleared cache files in Esc menu, logged out, closed the Launcher, ran Disc Cleanup on my computer, opened Launcher again and to no surprise, more Launcher download.

This is way out of control now, definitely not something a professional company should be doing, especially for a paid product. Everyday the Launcher downloads a bunch of crap and each time the in-game performance just keeps getting worse. I’m talking about everything from excessive load times / black screen to stutter / freeze making the game non responsive.

The icing on the cake is that they constantly post Feedback / Issue threads and they don’t even acknowledge the player input. Not only are their programmers incompetent, their testing is basically nonexistent and for the most part, their Customer Service is nothing more than an AI bot programmed to send a generic reply and close out tickets asap.

And yes, I’m a very bitter vet, been playing this game for 15 years and the quality of programming coming from CCP has been steadily dropping ever since.


I’m suffering the same issue on two different machines.

Each time the launcher starts it downloads and escalating amount of data (800M → 2.4G). If I wait until completion the client hangs when I load a character. Verifying the shared cache deletes some files but doesn’t reconcile the issue.

Somehow my game is now out of sync and broken.

So much for taking in the 20th anniversary festivities.


Back up your settings files:

C:\Users\ YOUR_PC \AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility

Then do a full uninstall/wipe of the game directory.

Then replace just the…

C:\Users\ YOUR_PC \AppData\Local\CCP\EVE\c_eve_sharedcache_tq_tranquility\settings_Default

…folder. This will give you a clean installation, with your settings files intact.

I do wonder if the people experiencing slowdowns are running the game off of a spin disk. The EVE installation is over 100,000 relatively small files now, and that means the random read performance would be an issue.

Try putting the game on an SSD if that’s the case. Even on an older computer I have, running the game from the SSD is snappy, and loading feels normal.

Any stability issues (e.g. freezes or black screens) are an issue between the computer’s hardware/OS/driver infrastructure and the game, and not an effect of “files being downloaded.” The game, like most software, does a hash check on startup to ensure that the installation is complete/valid, and if it isn’t will download the necessary files. Sometimes there’s simply software/hardware incompatibility that needs to be troubleshot/fixed. It’s impossible to create complex software that innately operates perfectly on every machine and part/driver combination.

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I am still waiting for stuff form last year, wondering if they will own up to all the missed promise and at least admit which ones are just delayed and which ones are never seeing the light of day…


Yeah tbh nothing about this update sounds too exciting. Still feels more like the quarterly updates than a full expansion. Some managerial stuff and ships that 90% of the playerbase won’t be able to afford/wiill never use. Meh.


I appreciate the suggestions, but still have an issue. Fully SSD’ed on one machine, mix on the other, both show the same issue.

Already have tools to manage account/character settings (sadly because this is a PITA necessity) so I’ll make sure adequate backups are in place if I have to do a full purge.

Stability issues were not a problem before this update.

The reason for my concern about “downloaded files” is because each and every time I start the launcher it attempts to download/re-download files. So IT thinks they are out of sync. That could be a reason why the client hangs. Or the new client could be broken which seems less likely since I saw 28K players online while messing with this issue.

So I have a borked client issue and a launcher download issue, or a borked laucher download issue. Whatever needs to be fixed, let’s fix it so I can fly some ships.


Using any security software? Maybe add the entire directory to the exclusion list.

And try the full reinstall option if you have fast internet.

No security software.

Was able to take the laptop to another location with fast internet in anticipation of having to do a full reinstall. Interestingly the launcher operated “normally” with the 800M download doing steady decrease in size and time remaining. The client operated correctly and I was able to finish my mission and re-dock my ship.

I’m leaning that there may be a relationship between my slower home internet connection and the failed update download.

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T2 capitals!?!?! Dam I can’t even afford the regular ones

So it is only new dreadnoughts? Any hope of new larger mining ships?

A more complicated and expensive capital to build…

In a time when players have been screaming for less complexity and more resource yield.

CCP’s ability to defy logic is simply unfathomable.

They really are anti-player. They hate you and me even though YOU and I literally provide their income.

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I can attest to that. I re-downloaded the game yesterday and the Client had to download all the files twice.
The first time it downloaded I started the game everything but the planets, stars and moon and engine trails weren’t invisible. Overview blanking out, game freezing… It was basically unplayable.
I exited then started the Client again. It downloaded all the files again and this time the game was better.
I exited again and started it again and this time the Client downloaded some additional files and now the game is okay again, minus Local window that disappears at each session change.
Internet connections these days aren’t what the ISP purports it to be. I have checked bandwith at several other people’s houses and all are running under the amount the ISP says it does.
I have called several ISPs and there definitely is a swindle going on.